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Clear Top Tents

A clear top tent is constructed in the same manner as a traditional frame tent, the difference being that the covering material is clear. Clear top tents are best used for evening/night functions during summer months as the clear top will act as a "greenhouse" and are very hot inside during full sun summer months. Clear tops are also ideal for SPRING or FALL functions when the sun is not as hot.

Clear top tents are the perfect choice for brides and event planners because such tents provide a blank canvas, freeing brides and event planners to design the most creative and comfortable environment for their guests. Decorations and floor plan options are practically endless with a clear top tent. These tents offer unobstructed views from one end of the room to the other, allowing guests to move freely throughout the space. The clear covering creates a unique look at night with surrounding gardens and trees lit up. Event planners do not have to worry about support beams encumbering their decorations or floor plans.

Clear top structures also have the ability to handle lighting and audio/video equipment, and they can be installed over or around many obstacles in just about any terrain, including trees. Events with landscaping, lighting, video and decorating concerns should put clear top tents at the top of the list due to their versatility. Westway Tents Inc. clear top tent structures are a modern and adaptable choice for your next event.

Westway Tents Inc. is proud to be the exclusive clear top tent specialist in the region, offering the standard in clear top tent products. Our manufacturers are the leading innovators in the industry and combine old-world craftsmanship with expert product knowledge. In the "Clear Span" structures, additional bracing can also achieve a snow load rating for long-term or winter installs.

Westway Tents Inc. tents have all the features and capabilities that make them the rental tents of choice of central Ontario. Ultimately, a Westway Tents Inc. tent will provide you with peace of mind. When it comes to your event, you need to know that your guests will enjoy themselves and also be sheltered from the elements. Westway Tents Inc. offers a unique environment as well as security and reliability.

There is no do over with a once-in-a-lifetime event. It needs to work right the first time. Contact Westway Tents Inc. today to talk about your event. We can discuss your needs and recommend the tent that is right for you.

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