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Clear Top Tent

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Traditional Pole Tent

A traditional pole tent appears with the same angle of slope from the outside as a frame tent. However, there will be centre poles (1 or more) down the centre of the tent to hold the roof material up. To support the fabric, more legs poles and guide wires are required. The location area needs to be at least 10 feet bigger in length and width than is the actual size of the tent (in order to accommodate the guide wires). This is the most economic style of tent and is a great choice for a nice wide open location.

Traditional Pole Tents are the most commonly rented tents and the most economic for any outdoor wedding or special event.

Pole Tents are made up of a vinyl top, one or more center poles, and side poles around the perimeter of the tent with ropes & stakes coming off to hold the tent up & in place. All of these tent widths are expandable to about any length needed.